Hi All,

I'm teaching a class on the design process and I want to supplement the curriculum with some real world examples to share.   Here are the basic steps we're teaching:

  • Site visit and client meeting
  • Site Inventory and Analysis
  • Reporting, Base Map, and Concept Design
  • Construction Documentation and follow-up

I'm interested to know in what order you do things.  For instance, I usually don't do any measuring or create a base plan until after I get a contract signed. But I know some design-build methods are different.   Do you use a questionnaire to start with or a brief telephone call before you meet at the site?  Do you charge for consultations? Do you do your own measuring and site analysis or do you hire a surveyor? Do you schedule a meeting for each step in the process - consult, concept, final? Also, what project management tools/software do you use to track projects? Any and all input you would like to share is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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